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So, yesterday was the third day of the blog and I am impressed with the traffic! There’s a little graph on my blog stats that I can look at to see individual visit numbers, not repeats from the same visitors. My graph numbers really shot up yesterday and that makes me very happy!

With that being said, I’m upping the ante on this weeks giveaway. You’re getting an e.l.f. brush set and a surprise e.l.f. cosmetic item. How awesome is that? Remember, to enter you have to subscribe to the blog and make a post. I don’t care which topic you post in, just make one. Don’t forget to confirm your subscription with the email address you used to subscribe.

Moving on. I tried to post a poll, but I’m still working out the kinks. For now, we’ll just use the comments on this post as an answer section for the poll.

What beauty item could you not live without?


Still working out the kinks.

Okay, so here’s how to enter the contest. Subscribe to the blog… leave a comment in the contest post…

Let’s see if that works.


I had to change the layout of the site. The other one didn’t show my links and other important stuff. Still working out the kinks! The subscription link is now working!!! Yay!!!

Super Exciting News!

So, I’ve been talking on facebook about e.l.f. cosmetics lately. I stumbled across their products in, of all places, Big Lots. I decided that, for the price, it was worth trying them out. I liked what I used and went to their website ( Lo and behold! They have a TON of products. e.l.f. has everything from skin primer, mineral makeup, traditional makeup, to gigantic fishbowls of lip gloss tins. Nearly everything on the site is $1. The shipping is about 6 bucks, but you can search the internet and find codes for free shipping or other free extras. If you sign up for their newsletter, they send emails with specials and free products.

Here’s the deal: Sign up as a subscriber to my blog and I will draw a winner at the end of the upcoming week. The winner will get a nice set of e.l.f. cosmetic brushes courtesy of me. 🙂

Hello world!

Hello Ladies! I hope we can have fun and learn a bit about cosmetics, their application and the products we love. Have you ever found a product that is just to amazing not to share? I have… many times. Let’s share a little about what we love and hate about the cosmetics that are out there. Now to the fun stuff. Every person who subscribes to this blog will have a weekly chance to win a product. The product will be something that was featured or discussed on the blog. There’s nothing extra to do other than subscribe.