‘Twas Brillig and the Slithy Toves….

…Did Gyre and Gimble in the Wabe.

I’m talking nonsense folks! In honor of the upcoming Alice In Wonderland movie this entire post will be written in Glorious Nonsense. That sounded good in theory didn’t it?

What I’ve got going on for the next week is this…

“The Glorious Nonsense Alice In Wonderland Urban Decay Fandango Giveaway”

That was a mouthful. Here’s what you stand to win just by subscribing to this blog and leaving one comment before February 28th when the giveaway ends(no duplicate entries and you need to be over the age of 13):

Six (6) Urban Decay shadows in these movie inspired colors:
Mad Hatter
White Rabbit

One (1) $15.00 Fandango gift card

One (1) Size large Alice In Wonderland t-shirt

The total retail value of this fantastical prize pack is $137!!!! Get your subscriptions in!! Pass this along to a friend, she may take you with her to see the movie if she wins!

(how creepy is that rabbit?)



  1. Amy Said:

    I subscribed to your blog’s RSS feed and now I’m leaving a comment.

    That rabbit is really creepy. He makes me want to cry and then hide under my bed.

  2. Alisa Faye Said:

    I’m here!
    Which mushroom shall I eat first?

  3. Amy Said:

    Woot Urban Decay. The eyeshadow primer is primo

  4. Karen Thaeter Said:

    I subscribed to your email
    This looks like the Bunny from a horror movie!

  5. Susan K Said:

    That rabbit would give my daughter nightmares (she’s scared of mascots to start with) !

    • Susan,
      Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to be eligible to win!!! We have great giveaways for US/Canada every few weeks!!

      Yeah, it’s a creepy rabbit.

  6. Grace Said:

    I think he is less creepy than a lot of rabbits.

  7. Jennifer W Said:

    Cannot wait for this movie! My hubby and I are both huge fans of the story.

  8. Lori Said:

    The rabbit looks very similar to the one that was doing pictures with dogs at a pet store for an easter fundraiser. Dog didn’t like it.

    • You have a smart dog. People in furry suits always freak me out. You never know what they are doing in that suit.

  9. Denise Said:

    I just discovered your blog – the rabbit and the name of your blog are equally creepy! Love it!

    • Thank you. I always look at women and wonder, “What’s on her face.” You can imagine that being said in two tones… an OMG! that is awful one and a WOW how cute one… lol.

  10. sarah oswald Said:

    I subscribe to your blog and im entering to win. I hope i win i will keep my fingers crossed that i do win. i always liked alice in wonderland and i cant wait to see this version of it!!!!

  11. Marlene V Said:

    Parts of this movie are look strange and creepy — can’t wait to see it!!! Thanks for the great giveaway — I subscribed:)

  12. Mariels Said:

    Wow, what a give away! I’ve jumped down the rabbit hole and subscribed.

  13. yvonne Said:

    I subscribed and I look forwsrd to seeing the movie 🙂

  14. Tatiana Said:

    I just subscribed and am really excited for the posts!

  15. Shari D Said:

    I subscribed and yes creepy bunny. N

  16. Dave Bensette Said:

    It’s about as creepy as the Bunny Rabbit in Mallrats. THERE IS NO EASTER BUNNY!!

  17. hahah omg that rabbit is creepy in a stalkerish way!!
    I really want to buy the urban decay alice in wonderland palette so I can wear the makeup when I go to see the movie march 5th!!! I am going as a late birthday present to myself haha.

  18. Kimberly Ryan Said:

    Love the names of the shadow colors!

  19. Malinda Said:

    I’ve never tried any Urban Decay, but I would like to! I need some new eye shadow BAD! I just bought some green and that’s pretty much all I have 😦

  20. gail whitworth Said:

    Great giveaway

  21. Anna Said:

    I am now a subscriber.

    Alice in Wonderland is my all time favorite childhood story. My grandmother used to make up a different version to tell every time!

  22. Sara Said:

    Can’t wait for the movie! Love everything inspired by it.

  23. celeste donohue Said:

    I don’t do clowns or big bunnies. yuchhhhhhh

  24. Jennifer D Said:

    I just subscribed. That easter bunny looks just like one that was in a local mall when I was little. My mom had me all dressed up (I was like 4) and I screamed and cried and refused to take my picture with the crazy bunny. My little brother had to go alone that year. 20+ years later I stand by my decision.

  25. Christianne Mace Said:

    I would love to win this… Urban Decay is the best makeup ever!

  26. Sue Said:

    That rabbit is super creepy. Can hardly wait to see the movie though . . .

  27. Roe Said:

    Have never tried Urban Decay, but the names are cool.

  28. Sherry Said:

    Can’t wait for this movie, heard that it is wonderful. Hopefully that rabbit isn’t in it!

  29. Shelley Said:

    Wow, you are moving right up in the world with all your giveaways!! Rock on! I’ve never used Urban Decay, mainly because I’m a big fat chicken who never strays from my safe earth tones, lol!! I need to live a little, no? 🙂

    It’s time for you to start posting some pics, girlfriend! I wanna see the results of all this fab make up!

  30. Danielle Said:


    Just found this rad giveaway in the nick of time!
    I love Urban Decay polish, haven’t tried the shadows yet, but they look gorgeous!

  31. I have subscribed to this blog and I absolutely love Urban Decay products!

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