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Well, you submitted your angst-ridden stories of love, rejection and hilarity… and we have a winner. We also have two runners-up who will get a little something in the mail from me. The judging was hard, which is why I didn’t do it, and our winning story is this:

My most embarasing Valentines day was, about 30 years ago, to begin I never wore lingera, personally thought it a waste of time and money. However my best friend Roberta and I were shopping she wore all kinds of flimsy stuff some rather naughty( Maybe that’s why she got flowers just out of the blue from her
husband LOL.) While shopping she was looking at skimpy lingera to surprise her husband for Valentine’s day. Now at this time in my life, 7 year’s and 4 kids later I was actually wearing Micky mouse pajama’s with feet in them. Well anyway she talked me into this red thing that had G string bottoms and tasles across the front of the top and they had no fabric behind them. That night after the kids were in bed, I went to the bedroom put this bright red micro attire on, covered it with a bathrobe, went to the living room where he was planted in front of the TV opened the robe and said ta da, he started laughing I was so mad I closed the robe and stormed down the hallway to the bedroom, by the time I had reached my destination i was in tears……………..From laughing so hard at what had to have been a shock, spangles swinging back and forth. I still have the husband but that stupid red peice of cloth I think went right to the trash. Ta Da thats my story and it is true.

Our runners-up are these two little gems:

My Valentine’s Day Horror Story actually was more horrible for my friend then for myself. This was back when I was in college and on that particular Thursday I did not have any classes. I planned on spending my Valentine’s Day sleeping in and going out with friends that night. Early that morning I got a knock on my door. It was my friend, Jane; she was crying and had been most of the night. Her boyfriend broke up with her the day before Valentine’s Day. To make matters worse she had cried so hard that her contact had gotten behind her eye and was stuck. She came to get me so I could take her to an eye specialist to remove the contact. I spent my Valentine’s Day consoling a friend and waiting in a doctor’s office.

My step sister (Anji) & I were the same age & were in the same grade in school so we were very competitive with friends and especially boys. When we were in 6th grade, we had crushes on twins boys Chad & Brad. Anji liked Chad & I liked Brad. That year on Valentines Day Chad came up to Anji & gave her a teddy bear & a card so I was really hoping & praying that Brad would give me one as well. I was so anxious all day but nothing ever happened at school. Once we got home Anji kept laughing that she got a gift & I didn’t. She always thought it was funny to harass me. We heard a car pull up in the driveway so we looked out & seen Brad walking towards the door with a gift in his hands. I’m soooo excited at this point-look at Anji & say “here comes mine, haha” so I run to the door, open it up grinning ear to ear and he asks if Anji is home! WHAT? EXCUSE ME?!?!? It was horrible. As if I wasn’t upset enough I had to hear her & my brothers laugh at me about it all night!

I’ll email the winners and request your addy’s. Look for your box in the mail!

TICK TOCK Ladies!!

Time’s a wasting! Get your stories, fact or fiction, in before midnight!

Last Day to Enter!

Don’t forget to get in your entries for the Valentines Day Horror Story Contest! You have until midnight tonight!

Don’t Forget to Enter! Valentines Day Horror Story Contest!

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Judging for the contest is going to be done by Tuesday the 9th of February. The winner will be notified via email and their story will be posted as the winner. Then, I mail out your prize…. easy peasey!

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Don’t forget to enter the Valentines Day Horror Story Contest! The deadline is Monday!


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Don’t forget to enter the contest!

Don’t Forget to Enter!

Valentines Day Horror Story Contest
Submit a story about the worst V-Day you have ever had. This can be real or fiction, only you will know. Entries can be submitted in the comment section of this post or the first contest post. The winner will be chosen on Monday February 8th. The prize is awesome! Enter today!

Under 18? Please don’t enter.
One entry per person.

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